Krakus brand

a matter of taste….

... and more precisely since 1951, when the Polish brand Krakus was registered in the United States. Under this banner, the famous "Polish Ham" was sold overseas - the most famous and popular canned ham for export. This is how the history of the unique taste of the Polish brand Krakus, which continues to this day, was born. Today canned ham is still produced and has many die-hard fans which makes it a true icon. Krakus also offers aromatic smoked meats, expressive dry sausages, classic kabanos sausages and many more.

And what exactly
is the phenomenon of
these products?

Krakus has always attached great importance to making products in accordance with the principles of sausage craft from selected, the best meats, carefully selected spice mixtures, with meticulously refined cooking and smoking times to obtain the right taste. It is the unique taste that is behind the success of the Krakus brand. A taste that combines tradition and modernity, courage and respect for rules, expressiveness and delicacy. Thanks to this, Krakus products occupy a prominent place on Polish tables. And that is what we are most happy about.